Taking Chess To A Whole New Passion With My iPhone

People have different reasons for loving their iPhones. Whether it’s an older model or the latest one, iPhone gadgets remain on top of my favorite devices.

I like it so much that I want it to be as versatile as possible. That was why I had it unlocked. I have the tendency to frequently change numbers because random callers easily freak me out. Since the iPhone I got was locked to a specific carrier, I took the time to research and find out how I could have it unlocked. Thankfully I came across a blog site that tackles exactly that – how to unlock iPhone 5S, the exact model of my iPhone.

When I got my iPhone unlocked, all good things followed through and I have never been more satisfied about owning a gadget. Almost everything I do, I incorporate it with my iPhone.

I use it to list down my schedules, especially my competitions. I also use it to keep in touch with the new friends I meet whenever I enter a chess tournament.

Of course, above everything else, I installed lots of apps that help me master my passion – chess. I have three chess game apps that have varying designs and each have their own unique style. I do this so that I do not get bored and I experience a different kind of mastery, in terms of the AI that I get to compete.

Of course, I also have an online chess app so that I could also play with other people, even when I am just on my iPhone. This is very helpful for me especially when I am on a trip. Also, the chance to meet chess players all over the world is just a wonderful thing. It is also a great way to learn new tips and tricks everyday, because some parts of the world will have a little chess secret to offer every now and then.

I have chess guide apps, too. Even when I have played chess for so long, I know that there are still tricks to learn. I do not think that I am already above everyone else when it comes to this sport. I acknowledge that I will never learn everything about it, thus, it motivates me to always find ways to learn something new. The chess guide apps on my phone give me fun facts, daily trivia, and new tips daily. This way, I am sure that I am able to learn something new, everyday.

I am always with my iPhone that some friends would be shocked if I do not have it on me. There are even times when I would blab about how others should also switch to an iPhone. They would accuse me that Apple is paying me to endorse their products (I wish).

If you are a passionate chess player like me, it’s not something required, but I guarantee you that your chess life will greatly improve if you get yourself an unlocked iPhone, too.