How Chess Relates To Hunting

You may not see the similarities, but hunting has a lot of the same techniques as chess. Chess can be a cat and mouse game, just like hunting. If you plan your moves the right way, at the end you can stand over your target and in your head just say “check mate”, meaning your target is out of the game. Let me go a little more in depth with this and help you understand what I am trying to say.

How Chess Is Played

In the beginning of the game, you have 16 “targets” or pieces. Each one of these pieces has its own specific pattern it is allowed to go in. The opponent moves his piece towards you and you make a rebutt. Whenever you make the proper move and take your opponent’s piece, it is then out of the game and you have 15 other pieces left. Sometimes this game can take hours or even days, just like hunting. When you have one target that keeps getting away, you keep going after it. You and your opponent can chase each other around the board while escaping “death”. Sometimes, it ends in a draw, when there are just no more moves left to make and there is no winner or sometimes people give up just because it has taken way too long.

How Hunting Is Played

Hunting takes a little more preparation than chess does. You need to buy your gun, license, gear, then you have to put it all on and pick a hunting spot. Chess, all you do it set up the 32 pieces and it may cost you a few dollars. Anyway, when you go out into the wild to get your first “check mate”, you need to find a spot that has obvious tracks. You set up your tree stand and climb up, unless you choose to just sit at the base of a tree. Once you see your target, like chess, you can choose to take it out or make another move and let that target live for a little while longer, especially if you see a bigger and better target, such as the King in chess. Why go after a pawn when you can have the king?

How Are They Related?

Chess and hunting both have their own targets, one more than the other usually. Both games involve strategy and precise movements. You can spend all day chasing a target around in both chess and hunting and at the end of the day, you either go home with nothing or with the King. Bot “games” are time consuming and are only successfully won if you know what you are doing.

Red Dot Sights & Other Gear

Unlike chess, hunting is made easier with the use of red dot sights. By this I mean that your target can be better seen and usually always taken out. In chess, that can’t be done, there is no quick way out unless you’re a pro going against a rookie. If you use a red dot in hunting, your target acquisition is spot on, your movements are precise, and it may only cost you a few extra dollars and knowing how to choose a red dot scope of which you can read more about here.

The Game of Chess and its Modern Influences

According to my father, the game of chess is perhaps one of the oldest games of the world. It’s a game of strategists and only the most brilliant can win against the other. I’ve been playing the game since I was around ten years old, so I know exactly what my dad is talking about. But I have noticed one thing; the game of chess has pretty much evolved into other games that makes it even more fun for some people.

True, chess can be boring. Especially the part when one player has the total advantage, but is hesitant to make a move because he is expecting a counter from his/her opponent. Therefore, brilliant game players and developers have created different kinds of games that have clearly gotten its game mechanics and influence from chess:

Battleships – Also known as “Sea Battle”, it was a paper and pencil game that originated during World War I. Two players would face off using four grids, with two grids for each player. The grids are square-shaped and are numbered from 1 to 10. Each player then secretly “arranges” his/her battleships and each battleship occupies a grid. When the game starts, each player tries to name the ship placed on the grid and if the player calls out right, the other player would remove the ship that got hit. If nothing was hit, the game continues.

The game is over when one of the players manage to “destroy” all of his opponent’s ships. The mechanics might be different, but it still feels like playing chess.

Risk – A popular board game developed by Hasbro, it was also developed as a computer game for various early video game consoles. It’s a turn-based game that allows two to six players to become would-be conquerors of the world. The basic version shows the political map of the Earth and the object of the game is to seize territory until only one player remains. The said player will be declared the winner.

The concept of grabbing territories also comes from the concept of chess. There is a reason why each chess piece moves in a unique way, no? The game of Risk also utilizes the same approach. There are strategies that each player can use and the game can also be modified, depending on what the players agree on.

Lastly, there’s the most important game of all; the game of life. I’d like to think that whatever we do, we are all chess pieces that have unique traits and characteristics. I’m a local SEO expert at, so I’d like to think that I am a chess piece, waiting for the right turn for me to unleash my strategies in the online market. It doesn’t matter what you do; in the end, if you make the right choices and the right moves, you win!