Professional Chess Player Found His Home Thanks To a Real Estate Agent in Anniston

Professional Player Found A Home With The Help Of A Real Estate Agent in Anniston

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Chess is a game that requires mental focus and concentration. It is a type of board game that offers opportunity for growth. It requires constant practice so that you can hone your skill and be a better player as time passes by. Professional chess players use strategies and techniques to improve their game. What they usually do is they allot several hours a week to hone their gaming skills and tactics. They also spend their time reading chess gaming theories and concepts in an attempt to further improve their skills playing the game.

However, the degree of learning and gaming strategy varies from one player to another. Just because a particular method worked for some players does not necessarily mean that it will work for everyone. You have to keep in mind that every chess player has his own style of playing. Most of the time, it requires trial and error for you to find one which methods, techniques, and tactics work best. Learning from the expert is one of the effective ways to improve your skill as a chess player. Look at the best professional chess players in the world today and follow their footsteps. Some aspiring chess players hire someone that acts as a chess coach.

Andrew is one of the veteran professional chess players in our area. He was playing chess since he was 10 years old. He competed in several chess tournaments both in national and international level. As a matter of fact, he was able to improve his bank account by playing chess. Andrew is now 50 years old and has a family of his own. He trains his kids to become chess players too. Aside from coaching his kids, Andrew also does coaching sessions for people who want to become professional chess players.

At first, Andrew does it for passion, but as time passed by he considered it as a primary source of income. Being a chess coach has enabled him to double his earning. In fact, it is one of the reasons why he was able to purchase a house in Anniston, Alabama. His family is growing and so he think that it is the best time to buy a new home for his growing family. He met a real estate agent in Anniston named Joey Crews and it was with him that Andrew discussed everything he wants in a house. The real estate agent was extremely helpful and now, Andrew has found a home that matches his budget and lifestyle.

Keeping Your Brain Sharp Through Chess

For a few hours every Sunday, my grandfather’s friends gather in the sun porch of our home to play chess. I usually see three pairs of white-haired men sitting across each other with a checkered board on the table. Sometimes, I bother to stand and observe the complexity of their game and watch grandpa who looks so entranced with the game.

It was grandfather who taught me how to play this classic board game. He had beaten me many times and he would always win within five moves. His victories had left me confounded as to how he did it.

Grandfather has long been passionate about this game. I could tell the signs. He has a shelf full of books about chess. His week won’t be complete without sitting down with his buddies to play chess. They are expected to be in their turf every Sunday afternoon come rain or shine. When we do activities together like fishing and going to weekend markets, he can be conscious about time. While my reason to rush home is to watch the basketball finals, his reason is his chess board and his chess buddies.

Last week, an unexpected major water leak happened at home. The kitchen and the dining hall were flooded with an almost two inches level of water. We planned to suspend any house activities to work together in scooping the water out. When all of us were in a state of confusion and disorder, my grandfather was real quick in calling the nearest plumber in Anniston. With a record-breaking time, the leak problem was fixed and the floor was dried up. Consequently, the little havoc in the house did not stop him from doing his favorite hobby. On that same day, he and his friends had a quiet afternoon concentrating on doing competitive matches of chess game. It was just another normal Sunday for them.

My grandfather used to play chess in a park in Anniston. Until now, the park is still filled with vintage old men tackling with black and white pieces along with coffee and cigarettes on their sides. But grandfather had stopped spending time in the park after he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The smog in the park was not good for him. He decided to just enjoy his hobby in the comfort of his home.

Watching old men play chess gave me a glimpse of the manly history and traditions. Men back in the day seemed to have sophisticated hobbies and interests. They chose hobbies that refresh them, keep their minds sharp, let them learn useful skills and expand their creativity. They view each leisure time as an opportunity to fine tune their minds and make them better men.

I am fortunate that my grandfather was able to pass on to me his knowledge about chess. He taught me how to think strategically in the game. Now, I learn to approach life in much the same way with playing chess. I have to watch carefully my intentions for the day and contemplate on things before moving to a decision.

One of his favorite videos about openings in chess is this one:

Falling In Love With My iPhone Chess App

Taking Chess To A Whole New Passion With My iPhone

People have different reasons for loving their iPhones. Whether it’s an older model or the latest one, iPhone gadgets remain on top of my favorite devices.

I like it so much that I want it to be as versatile as possible. That was why I had it unlocked. I have the tendency to frequently change numbers because random callers easily freak me out. Since the iPhone I got was locked to a specific carrier, I took the time to research and find out how I could have it unlocked. Thankfully I came across a blog site that tackles exactly that – how to unlock iPhone 5S, the exact model of my iPhone.

When I got my iPhone unlocked, all good things followed through and I have never been more satisfied about owning a gadget. Almost everything I do, I incorporate it with my iPhone.

I use it to list down my schedules, especially my competitions. I also use it to keep in touch with the new friends I meet whenever I enter a chess tournament.

Of course, above everything else, I installed lots of apps that help me master my passion – chess. I have three chess game apps that have varying designs and each have their own unique style. I do this so that I do not get bored and I experience a different kind of mastery, in terms of the AI that I get to compete.

Of course, I also have an online chess app so that I could also play with other people, even when I am just on my iPhone. This is very helpful for me especially when I am on a trip. Also, the chance to meet chess players all over the world is just a wonderful thing. It is also a great way to learn new tips and tricks everyday, because some parts of the world will have a little chess secret to offer every now and then.

I have chess guide apps, too. Even when I have played chess for so long, I know that there are still tricks to learn. I do not think that I am already above everyone else when it comes to this sport. I acknowledge that I will never learn everything about it, thus, it motivates me to always find ways to learn something new. The chess guide apps on my phone give me fun facts, daily trivia, and new tips daily. This way, I am sure that I am able to learn something new, everyday.

I am always with my iPhone that some friends would be shocked if I do not have it on me. There are even times when I would blab about how others should also switch to an iPhone. They would accuse me that Apple is paying me to endorse their products (I wish).

If you are a passionate chess player like me, it’s not something required, but I guarantee you that your chess life will greatly improve if you get yourself an unlocked iPhone, too.

An Unexpected Chess Match with a Travel Insurance Agent

The Encounter with the Travel Insurance Agent

On a regular Sunday afternoon, I would be playing chess at our local park. The faces I see in the park are pretty familiar, some of them I get acquainted, but some are still strangers…

I just usually sit alone in front of a chess table waiting for someone to sit along with me to play a friendly chess match. But to my surprise, there was a young fellow who seems to be worried about something as he was standing alone just a couple of steps near me; he was like waiting for someone.

The Encounter with the Travel Insurance Agent

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I called him out and told him to have a seat, and asked why he seems uneasy. He told me that he was waiting for his girlfriend. I no longer asked much about it, but instead asked him what he does for a living. He was still in uniform so I guess he just finished his shift. He then replied, “I work at Aussie Insurance Critic a travel insurance Australia company.” It didn’t make a lot of sense due to him being quite uneasy.

The young man then told me that his girlfriend might say goodbye for a long time because she was hired from this company – 800-937-1387 and it is quite far away but provides better pay, so they have to separate because of their jobs.

Well I’m no expert about love and all, so I just told him to ease up and surely there are solutions, I suggested that how about while waiting we play a game of chess. Although he was still uncomfortable I made sure that it was just a friendly match and he shouldn’t take it seriously.

But out of nowhere he suddenly became serious about it, I was amazed because he was quite good, he knows formations and plans every move about 2 steps ahead. But still not as good as me of course, but I have to admit It was a challenge for me because he was really determined to win. I even lost my queen during the game but still managed to win because of my favorite piece was still in play, the knight.

During the entire game, it was really entertaining and we even had lots of smiles and laugh for every eaten pawn. I was also relieved and felt good as I helped him ease down; he seemed to forget his love life problem for a while in just a simple game of chess.

Just when the game ended he thanked me and he was able to smile and become relaxed, seeing that also made me really happy. He then said, “I’d never thought a random game of chess can ease up my mind and be able to think a bit clearer, thanks.

This travel insurance agent then met with his beloved and they walked together at the park. I just hope the best for them and I’m sure he will find a way about their current situation.



My Top Ten Legendary Chess Players of All Time

I’d like to start this blog post with a decent disclaimer. The list below is based on my personal choices, so if you’re going to rant why this such and such player isn’t on my number one or number ten list, I’d like to apologize in advance, since I am going to stick to my list. I hope you all can respect that.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved playing chess. Sure, it might look boring, but it’s actually what I consider a warfare of silence. Your chess pieces are your soldiers and the goal is to eliminate your opponent’s chess pieces one by one or to put your opponent’s king in a checkmate. Of course, your opponent is not going to let you have your way! He or she will also do her best to eliminate all your chess pieces. The battle that is going on between the two is intense and it is only between the two competitors. The hangers-on would just look at either player and wait in silence.

Today, everyone can play chess wherever they are with a computer or smartphone. I even installed an online chess player that allows me to challenge players from all over the world. All you need is internet connection. I’m connected with high speed internet, which is perfect while playing online chess.

Now back to the topic at hand…

The game of chess was invented thousands of years ago. In fact, it is considered as one of the oldest strategy games in the world. And because it’s been in existence for thousands of years, a great number of chess champions have also emerged. As a chess player, I am also a fan of these so-called chess grandmasters and below are some of the players that I consider my hero:

Paul Morphy (1837 – 1884) – Considered as the first well-known chess prodigy, Paul Morphy was already playing and winning chess games at a very young age. He even beat all of the local top players in his hometown.  He studied mathematics and philosophy and he also got a degree in law at the tender age of 19. Because he was still far too young to become a lawyer, his focus turned to playing chess instead.

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Now you have to remember that this is the 18th century. Back then, there was no “official” world chess championship games. However, Paul Morphy was considered to be the world’s best and the world champion too from 1858 to 1859. His greatest tactic was sacrificing the Queen Chess piece. Even Bobby Fischer believed that Morphy is the greatest player of all time.

Bobby Fischer (1943 –2008) – Bobby Fischer was the World Chess Champion from 1972-1975. Born from a Jewish woman of Polish descent and a German scientist, Fischer was a chess prodigy already at an early age. At 6, he was already winning chess games against older competitors.

But the thing that amazes me to no end was the “Game of the Century”. This was in 1956 when a 13-year old Bobby Fischer defeated the U.S Chess Champion of that time.  Because of his impressive victories, he became the symbol of chess in the United States. A lot of young people in the United States and all over the world have started taking an interest in the game because of him. According to his chess opponents, what made Bobby Fischer terrifying was his intelligence and his ability to memorize the opening moves of all his chess opponents.

Garry Kasparov (1963) – Garry Kasparov is another personal favorite of mine. He was the undisputed World Chess Champion from 1985 – 1993 and is also considered as the greatest chess player of all time. What made him really famous was his famous chess match against a chess super computer. It was said that the computer programs could analyze millions of moves per second, but Kasparov still beat the machine. This just proves that the human mind is far more brilliant compared to artificial intelligence.

Chess Pieces and What They Mean to Me

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For someone who has been playing chess for so long, I have created and developed a certain story for each of the chess pieces. The story helps me and inspires me to do my best in every game, as the result will also determine the ending of my story. Of course, I wish to always have a happy ending, and the only way for that to happen is if I win and succeed in protecting my king.

Let’s start with the knight. the Knight pieces represent me on the board. I chose the knight because it is my favorite piece. It is a piece that has astonished me from the time that I was just beginning to learn chess. among all the pieces, it is the only one that can, in a way, change direction or lane. This is because of the movement that the knight could make, which is sort of a number 7.

I also like the knight because in many stories, the knight is always the hero, and I would like to see myself as the hero who gallantly saves the kingdom from the invaders and evil doers.

The next piece that has a significance for me are the pawns. This choice might be surprising for some, but, for the real chess player, they will understand why I give great credit to pawns. They are the brave soldiers who always end up as bait for a plan to succeed. A lot of chess players take their pawns for granted, but I don’t. I treat my pawns as important pieces, and I do sacrifice them for nothing. I always make sure that they die a good death, that one death of a pawn is equivalent to a death of a major piece for the enemy.

Sacrifices in chess, not just with pawns, but with every piece on the board, should be done with great care and with the idea that the sacrifice will reap a good ending.

Here is a video of some of the most amazing sacrifices made during a chess game and hopefully get a chance to learn a trick or two.

Another chess piece of great importance, is of course, the King. The death of the king means the end of the game. In fact, the main objective of the game is to be the first player to conquer the king of the other player. The game revolves around protecting this piece, yet it is the piece with the least mobility, given that it could only move one tile per turn.

In my story, the king is my father. He was the one who taught me how to play chess, and I owe him my life and the success I have right now. That is why, whenever I represent him as the King, my desire to win is tripled. I do not want to disappoint him, even when he keeps telling me that I will never do anything to disappoint him.

How I Came to Love Chess

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While kids were out playing basketball or running around the campus, while others were making friends and playing in the park, while many were breaking records with their online games, I was playing chess.

Now, some may think that I had a lonely childhood, but that is not true, at all. I had a great childhood, all because of the fact that I loved, and I still love, to play (and win) chess.

My early love for Chess does not mean that I was not able to have fun like other kids did. I still play outside with friends, and I still sometimes play video games with my brothers and friends. However, whenever I could, I would really prefer playing chess.

I got my passion for chess from my father. He was not a Chess prodigy as I am, but he was, at least for me, more passionate about the game that I ever could be. Chess for him was more than just a game. It was who he is.

He did not succeed in chess out of natural talent. He gave it time and effort, and he learned it with heart. He played with everyone that was willing to play with him, in the park, at home, with friends, it did not matter. As long as they wanted to play chess, he was happy.

Whenever he loses, he smiles. This may be weird for some but my father really likes a challenge. And he smiles when he is beat because he knows that the person seating across him is also someone like him, a passionate chess player.

When he wins, he would also smile. Not because he is bragging about how good a chess player he is, but because he has made it through another challenge with another person.

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When I was born, I know that even when I still could not understand chess, my father has already set the chess board in front of me and has been teaching me how to play. My mother said he did not mind looking like a fool, playing with a toddler who barely speaks. His smile was even wider, more genuine, and reflects to his soul, my mother would say. He has never seen my dad so happy as when he was in front of me, playing chess while I only respond with a coo.

As I got older, nothing changed. He still plays with me even when I only tumble down the pieces and look at him with my big eyes. He never gave up on me until finally, I was slowly understanding what he was trying to teach me. The game felt warm to play, because it was him I was playing with. It did not feel like a competition, but rather a moment of bonding and a moment that was ours alone, my dad and mine.

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Every time I am recognized for my talent, I never fail to thank my father, who has never beaten me in another game again, ever since I have mastered it.