The Encounter with the Travel Insurance Agent

On a regular Sunday afternoon, I would be playing chess at our local park. The faces I see in the park are pretty familiar, some of them I get acquainted, but some are still strangers…

I just usually sit alone in front of a chess table waiting for someone to sit along with me to play a friendly chess match. But to my surprise, there was a young fellow who seems to be worried about something as he was standing alone just a couple of steps near me; he was like waiting for someone.

The Encounter with the Travel Insurance Agent

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I called him out and told him to have a seat, and asked why he seems uneasy. He told me that he was waiting for his girlfriend. I no longer asked much about it, but instead asked him what he does for a living. He was still in uniform so I guess he just finished his shift. He then replied, “I work at Aussie Insurance Critic a travel insurance Australia company.” It didn’t make a lot of sense due to him being quite uneasy.

The young man then told me that his girlfriend might say goodbye for a long time because she was hired from this company – 800-937-1387 and it is quite far away but provides better pay, so they have to separate because of their jobs.

Well I’m no expert about love and all, so I just told him to ease up and surely there are solutions, I suggested that how about while waiting we play a game of chess. Although he was still uncomfortable I made sure that it was just a friendly match and he shouldn’t take it seriously.

But out of nowhere he suddenly became serious about it, I was amazed because he was quite good, he knows formations and plans every move about 2 steps ahead. But still not as good as me of course, but I have to admit It was a challenge for me because he was really determined to win. I even lost my queen during the game but still managed to win because of my favorite piece was still in play, the knight.

During the entire game, it was really entertaining and we even had lots of smiles and laugh for every eaten pawn. I was also relieved and felt good as I helped him ease down; he seemed to forget his love life problem for a while in just a simple game of chess.

Just when the game ended he thanked me and he was able to smile and become relaxed, seeing that also made me really happy. He then said, “I’d never thought a random game of chess can ease up my mind and be able to think a bit clearer, thanks.

This travel insurance agent then met with his beloved and they walked together at the park. I just hope the best for them and I’m sure he will find a way about their current situation.